FMLA benefits make a positive financial impact

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Generous FMLA maternity and paternity leave generate positive results in recruitment and morale

This might be a good time to pull our your calculator and figure out where you stand on granting FMLA benefits like family leave. It could give you an edge in recruiting and retention.

A new survey shows that FMLA benefits as a whole and especially family leave policies across the country are more generous than what the Family & Medical Leave Act demands.

The Families & Work Institute’s annual employer survey provides a useful benchmark for companies that want leave policies that balance employee needs, recruiting/retention issues and the organization’s budget.


In 2008, the institute said, employers with 100 or more employees gave average maternity leaves of 15.2 weeks and paternity leaves of 12.6 weeks.

FMLA guidelines mandate, of course, is 12 weeks. The average adoption leave was 13 weeks, and the average leave to care for seriously ill family members 13.4 weeks.

All of these averages were lower than a decade earlier, but only slightly.


Do the math and see whether your FMLA benefits are more liberal than average in any of these categories.

If so, this is positive information you can broadcast to candidates, new hires and employees in general. If not, you may want to rethink your competitive position as a place to work.

Source: “2008 National Study of Employers.” Info:

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