When should you issue an employee termination over the telephone?

by on May 29, 2009 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: HR Info Center

Employee terminations over the phone should only be done in specific circumstances

Many HR people would cringe at the idea of issuing an employee termination over the telephone. It seems unprofessional and a wimpy way to avoid an awkward confrontation. But there are specific circumstances when delivering an employee termination by phone may be your best bet. You may have to do it when:

You never come face to face with the employee.
If you’re in another location and have never seen the person, a face-to-face employee termination may be impractical.

You can’t tolerate the employee’s return
If the person created a hostile work environment and you have plenty of witnesses, you may want to advise by phone of suspension pending further notification. Then send a registered letter of employee termination – so you have proof it was received.

The employee plays games.
Problem workers expecting termination may do this, failing to show up for work or coming in at odd times, to make it hard for you to pin them down.

Before deciding that termination via telephone is unavoidable, remember these possible downsides:


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