Employee rewards in team settings

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Team recognition as a part of employee rewards can be somewhat tricky if not managed properly.

The risks in blanket employee rewards
So let’s review the risks. It can be challenging, recognizing performance and distributing individual employee rewards in teams when there is unequal participation by team members. You can basically alienate your biggest contributors while reinforcing those who are not fully committed by doing a blanket recognition of the team. Meanwhile, another risk is that recognizing teams can create rivalries amongst departments or individuals. And that may not necessarily be a good thing.

The team leaders role in employee rewards
So how to overcome those obstacles. This typically occurs naturally where a leader emerges for a team whether assigned or not, you know. Like I said, team leaders – anytime you form, there’s always some leader that takes forward.

Make it a requirement – as a team lead to recognize superior performance and distribute employee rewards. It needs to be part of the responsibilities as team lead to recognize and distribute employee rewards to individual members. Make it a requirement.

And like this – actually, this is great when you’re sort of trying to mentor individual employees to becoming managers. It’s a great training tool for that. And what I would do is circulate through all the team members so that everyone has the opportunity to be a team lead for a week or two weeks or a month, and to subsequently distribute individual employee rewards.

Again, it’s really good conditioning for when they become leaders to think in terms of recognition. So, make that team lead – make that individual recognition and employee reward program participation a part of the team lead duty.

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