Employee performance reviews shouldn't be an annual rite

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Semi-formal but frequent employee performance reviews help them to stay on time and on target

Are you expecting too much from your annual employee performance reviews of your subordinates? It depends. If you give employees performance feedback only once a year, yes, you probably are expecting too much of a one-time encounter. With most people, that’s not enough to help them stay in top gear.

Give Regular Employee Performance Reviews

Informal feedback happens all the time, of course. But it’s still a good idea to set aside time regularly to review performance and make sure employees stay on track.

Here are three ideas for structuring the talk:

  1. Focus on day-to-day objectives rather than on past failures.
  2. “How are you doing with the X Project?” is way better than “You aren’t behind on another project, are you?”

  3. Get the employee’s buy-in.
  4. Ask, “Do you think it’s time we sat down and discussed how things are going for you?” Few people will say no.

  5. Consider having the talk at least once a quarter.
  6. If you have too many employees to set aside time for each, you could delegate the task to a trusted team leader or foreman.

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