Employee Compensation Demands are on the rise

by on June 18, 2009 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: HR Info Center

Study: More candidates are aggressive in pursuing better employee compensation

If you’re finding job candidates are asking for higher starting salaries this year, you’re not alone. About 58% of workers surveyed by recruitment firm Robert Half International said that they’re more likely to negotiate better employee compensation with employers this year than last year. And that’s about twice as many who said the same thing 12 months ago.

A big part of the problem: shortage of skilled labor. About 57% of HR managers said it was more difficult to find skilled candidates now than a year ago, and 52% said the problem is supply and demand: There simply aren’t enough qualified professionals out there. If you want to hold the line on employee compensation, you’ve got a tough row to hoe. But many find it effective to:

  • Stress a total employee compensation package instead of just the starting salary
  • Talk about the benefits candidates most want (such as medical for older workers, paid time off for younger ones)
  • Focus on training and development opportunities, especially if the candidate will work with highly skilled professionals already on staff.

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