Eliminating supervisor or departmental files is essential to proper business record management

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Central file repositories are can make sure the essential legal requirements are met with your business record management program

The first thing that I do when defending a lawsuit is to ask for the personnel file of the plaintiff from my contact in HR. And I’ll get the file and I think that I have all of the information relating to this particular person’s employment. It shows some major problems with the business record management system when you interview supervisors and other people in the department who have been keeping their own separate files with information that’s not making it to HR.

So, in that sense, if your supervisors do keep their own files on their employees, you better make sure that HR knows exactly what is in their file and has a copy of each and every piece of paperwork in the supervisors file.

For instance, I’ve seen things like disciplinary write-ups that never made it to HR. I’ve seen things about applicant flow logs that indicated that inappropriate considerations were being thrown into the mix when making hiring and promotion decisions that HR never knew about. An effective business records management system would have flagged these for legal examination

One thing that is very important is for HR or for the legal department or whoever is controlling the personnel documents to take an assertive role and make sure that all personnel documents that are being generated within the company are making their way to the HR file. Proper business record management processes would make sure that this is happening at the very least, your HR department and legal team needs to know where the files are located and what’s being produced.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar: “Personnel Document Retention: What to Keep, How to Keep it & Why it Matters” by Matthew Gilley Esq.

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