Documents To Include Within Your Record Management Policy

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Have Schedules, Guidelines and Procedures in your Record Management Policy

When it comes to rolling out technology for your record management policy, the issue of what type of technology out there is a very daunting task, because there is an awful lot of vendors out there that will promise they can do everything and so, they will over-promise and under-deliver.

So, it would be really up to you to get out there and go to the trade shows, or you know, accept invitations to webinars or podcasts that give you some of the education on electronic content management and other types of technology tools that are out there.

So, the first policy that should be in place is a record management policy. And you, basically, need to have, what I would prefer you have is a record management policy that basically spells out your high level policy statements for your electronic or information management within your company and you have a separate set of procedures.

And have a separate set of procedures because the procedures should be adaptable and constantly dynamic and changing as you adapt to user interface and user applications within the company of your procedures and you don’t have to go to a senior management for an official policy change every time you make — you tweak your procedures.

So, I would want to see two separate documents and then of course, I’d want to see a records retention schedule, which is a document. But, basically, a document that spells out what your records are and how long they need to be retained at minimum.

So, you make sure that you also have targeted suspension and restart of records of destruction when needed, so that goes into this issue of litigation hold. So, if information is scheduled for destruction and you get hit with a case, you can’t destroy things just because it’s scheduled for destruction.

Edited Remarks from “How to Bulletproof Your Data Storage Strategy: New Legal Rules for Electronic Discovery” by John Isaza, Esq.

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