Document retention is a preventive measure against corporate ills

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Document retention help identify performance issues and keeps your company in legal compliance

Proper document retention allow you to identify problems with employee performance as they develop.
A lot of times, supervisors may be a little too involved in actually running the operations to be too concerned about to notice or to report a pattern of misbehavior. However, if personnel documents are being generated appropriately, folks in other part of business may notice that there are a lot of problems coming up with a particular employee. So you’re able to identify problems early and maybe get some help or identify employees that you may need to part company with before things get to a point where they’re just not retrievable anymore.

Document retention may ward off plaintiffs’ attorneys who are looking to file claims against you.

Another preventative measure for personnel records is that if you’re known as a company that keeps good documentation and that can produce that documentation to prove your point, to prove your defenses.

If you got the reputation of being a company that’s on the ball, if you got the reputation of being a company that’s got everything documented and have their ducks in a row, you’re not such an inviting target for litigation. Plaintiffs’ lawyers are going to know that if I mess with ABC Company, they’re going to be able to defend themselves. So, that’s a good reputation and a worthwhile investment of your time.

Document retention makes litigation is exponentially easier. It is easier to defend a company if I’ve got the paper there backing me up.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar: “Personnel Document Retention: What to Keep, How to Keep it & Why it Matters” by Matthew Gilley Esq.

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