Differentate your company with a superior employee recognition program

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The keys to an effective employee recognition program

Well, what differentiates your company? Classically, we have three basic triggers: compensation, benefits, and workplace environment. If you want to take a look at where the culture of an organization really is built, it happens in the managers/supervisory level. That’s where the rubber really hits the road and employee recognition programs are most effective.

Those are the people that interact with your clients. How much control does a manager/supervisor really got over comp and benefits? Not a lot. They may be able in an annual review be able to get that employee that 2 ½% cost of living raise, that pretty much everybody else is getting. And as far as benefits, it’s not like you can grab somebody and say, you’ve done a great job in customer service, I’m going to give you a little better dental plan than everybody else. Right? It can’t be done. However, if you look at that third key, the workplace environment after comp and benefits, I would submit to you there managers and supervisors have a ton of impact.

The keys to a superior employee recognition strategy
So the question comes, how are we really equipping these managers and supervisors to really implement an employee recognition strategy? What are the keys? The key to a superior employee recognition strategy is that you know you’ve got to make sure you’re rewarding excellence. Make sure that you’re building trust in your employees. When someone is rewarded with something, it’s for something clearly at an excellent level. But building up to that make sure that you’re recognition is frequent, specific and timely.

Timing in an employee recognition and rewards
Frequency becomes very important. Specificity, what are we rewarding? We’ll get more into these as we go along. Clearly being timely in employee recognition is important. There is a later idea, praise versus reward, that I think is very powerful. Then, the power of symbols in an employee recognition strategy, making sure that there’s some kind of intrinsic value if it goes above and beyond, you know, the dollar value of what you are giving out and then lastly, where I think the rubber really hits the road.

So, let’s take a look at rewarding excellence. The idea behind excellence is that it is different from your comp and benefits plan. Where does the money go? A lot of times, you know, companies will say to me, well, look, everybody needs money. Nobody has too much money. And I would be willing to bet, if we had a show of hands here of everybody listening that none of us would raise our hands and say, yeah, I’ve really got too much money, don’t worry about that.

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