Devise an effective performance evaluation system based on employee input and feedback

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The third phase in an effective performance evaluation system is based on employer feedback

In the third and final phase of the performance evaluation system, come up with a personal development plan that the employee creates. Employees take this input they get from the manager. They put it into their plan . They come back, review with the manager and say, “These are the dates and the time tables for these specific action steps to get to the objectives that you’ve talked to me about.”

Ultimately you do not have to sign off on this as the manager unless you buy it. If they come up with something and you don’t agree with it, you do not have to sign it, literally. It is not obligatory for you to agree what they’ve come up with. But in the end you want to sign off on some things. You may have to adjust it to fit your performance evaluation system.

In the end they’ve got to implement this plan for the performance evaluation system to work. This is stuff they’re going to do, dates they are going to do it. And these are going to refer back to the specific measurable, achievable, realistic, smart goals that we’re used to. Except instead of for the business, this performance evaluation system is for the individual.

The green sheet, or personal development plan, is something that the manager is going to agree to. Once you have it, step number four of the performance evaluation system involves stewardship. Stewardship is really straightforward. Stewardship says, “Let’s dig out the list of things you said you’re going to do by the dates you said you’re going to do them and let’s look at them”. Now the employee needs to own it but the managers they take responsibly for making sure they, you know, come forward and talk about it.

Combine it with your business goals reviews. You’re accountable for all this kind of business activity. Set it aside and then dig out this stuff and say, “Oh by the way, while you’ve done all that for me, what have you done for yourself?” Don’t spend more than 15 minutes on it. Managers cannot spend all their time developing their people.

If you need to make some mid-course correction, somebody changes a job or they fell off the table somehow, make those if you need to. And ultimately what all you’re going to do with this document is you’re going to draw a line through things, to show what’s been accomplished. As a responsible manager you put happy faces up and down the page until you get the ones for next quarter.

That’s all you got to do as a manager. It’s very light on management time, which is the ideal way to do a performance evaluation system. It’s the employee’s career. Why don’t we make them take most of the responsibility for it?

And you will find if you train them properly that they will take responsibility for it. It takes a big burden off management and puts in on the employee.

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