Corporate recognition does not have to be time consuming or expensive

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Corporate recognition takes on new importance with tough economic times

As noted in several leading blogs and publications, corporate recognition takes on special importance when times are tough. Here are seven easy ways for managers to praise employees and help keep them in a high-performance, low-fear mode:

  1. If you hear a positive remark about an employee, repeat it to him or her as soon as you can.
  2. When you distribute paychecks or direct deposit stubs, write a note recognizing each person’s contribution during the period.
  3. Create a “traveling” trophy. Buy a trophy and present it to a deserving employee. After a set period – a week, a month – ask this employee to choose a person to pass the trophy on to, and explain why. Continue the process as long as the trophy keeps its “buzz.”
  4. Ask a senior manager to attend a team meeting where you recognize people for their accomplishments. Or arrange for a top executive to call an outstanding team member personally.
  5. Call an employee in just to thank him or her for a good job. Don’t make the meeting about anything else – if you have information to impart or a question to ask, do it another time.
  6. For employees who work in a distant office or at home, leave a voice mail just to say thanks for some job well done.
  7. If you receive personal recognition from higher-ups, share it around by inviting your team out to lunch.
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