The first core principal of compensation management is stop de-motivating.

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Make your compensation management about job improvement, not rewards for doing a “nasty” job

Herzberg’s advice about compensation and management was very simple. If you want somebody to do a good job, give them a good job to do.

In many cases, we try to attack poor job design with a rewards based compensation management strategy , paying people to overcome it. It often kind of — I call it paying somebody to be the sanitary engineer, the garbage collector, if you will. And we often view most of our jobs that way. Well, it’s not a good job, so we’ve got to pay people to overcome it.

Back up and think about how you can make it a good job. How could you design that so that the work would be meaningful, so that they could understand what they’re trying to do and how that leads to the success of the organization.

Focus on the job design not on compensation management, in terms of the — before you ever get to the rewards, what’s the way to really make this job meaningful? Because otherwise, you know, either though you’re paying for it, they still may detest the job in terms of what’s out there.

Focus on how do I build intrinsic motivation in the world into the job? If I can do that often, I can overcome a lot of the issues that I’m trying to overcome with compensation management and incentive compensation, by focusing on just ways to make them more intrinsically motivated.

Edited remarks from the Rapid Learning Institute webinar: “How to Avoid Incentive Pay Plan Disasters” by Steve Player

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