Combining employee recognition and rewards

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Employee recognition needs to be public and recognized across the board

It’s not enough just to give the award or reward for doing it. Many people want to be set apart. They want to be applauded by their peers, by the management team, by everybody in the company.

And so, when we give awards and employee recognition, when it’s not just individual praise, we got to find ways to communicate that to our workforce at large.

Maybe we do it through all hands meetings where we bring everybody together. Maybe we do it at lunch, you know, a pizza lunch and learn kind of thing once a week. But we’ve got to find ways to applaud in front of other people.

Sometimes what’s interesting is that employees would rather be recognized by their peers for something they did than their immediate boss or supervisor.

Get the employees involved in employee recognition
Next piece, you’ve got to get employees involved in employee recognition. You’ve got to make them part of the project or part of the plan. You’ve got to let them have some element of control and influence over the design of what you’re going to put in place.

There’s always a tension in companies of the us versus them. What do the employees do with their end of the work, they’re the management team.

Employees want to be part of that. And when you engage them and you find out what they’re looking for, this becomes a much more valuable program.

Employee recognition and the exceptional candidate
Let’s take a moment before we jump into the specific kinds of rewards and employee recognition we can establish and talk for a minute about what I call, candidate or employee, which is just as important for hiring as it is for retention, motivation 101. And I call this the ‘not enough in it for me’.

Top caliber — and again, you’ll notice I’m not talking about minimally qualified, average, mediocre, the bottom performers.

I’m talking about top caliber folks. The folks that you want to retain. The folks for whose productivity is somewhere between four and ten times their peer group, as most studies show. The folks who do the bulk of the heavy lifting in your organization. They get the most done. They affect the most change. They’re the ones who drive your business forward. That’s my focus, top talent and employee recognition for those performers is essential.

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