Celebrate as part of the employee recognition program

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Make celebration and employee rewards public to maximize effect and impact

I got to tell you, in most companies, there’s a lot of stress. You all know what this is like. There’s a lot tension. There’s a lot of pressure to do things and the teams that I seem to see that are most successful over time, the manager really focuses on making work an enjoyable place.

Employee recognition at the team/department level
You can do this at a team level, a department level. You can do it at a company-wide level. And if we were just to talk about a few of the type of things you might do for an employee recognition ceremony. These might include a pizza lunch. Maybe you combine it with a lunch and learn session for the team.

Maybe you give managers the option that once a quarter, you’re allowed to take your team out and here’s the five things you can do with them. You can go bowling together. You can go to a local arcade. You can go do artwork bound ropes course. You know, maybe give them four, five things that they could do with their team outside of the office.

I know a lot of companies, for example, might have a Friday afternoon, ice cream and sundae bar, or maybe they’ll do a barbecue out back in the parking lot and invite all the employees to just gather around sort of informally.

Do you celebrate birthdays? Anniversaries? Many of the companies I know, at a team level will bring everybody together and they’ll celebrate. They’ll just read off, okay, so and so has got an anniversary. This is when they’re celebrating their birthday, whatever those might be, those major life events.

We could do these, again, company-wide, might be a picnic, might be an outing, might be taking everybody to Disneyland. Companies do those kinds of things.

Employee recognition combined with holidays
Celebrations around great events. If there was a merger, you’ve had an exceptional year in terms of performance, you won a major customer, there was a tremendous win in the manufacturing department for something they did.

Celebrate employee recognition and the victories.
Find two or three or four ways to celebrate, whether it’s as simple as a pizza party or it’s getting everybody together for an hour and having the president come down and talk to the group.

Employee rewards as team incentives
If we want to incentives teams and groups to work well together, we also have to make sure that there’s a balance in our reward and employee recognition program that it’s not all just about individuals. That we also have to recognize groups and teams.

How about that product development team that achieved that result? The customer service team that saved the major account from going away.

Do you have employee recognition programs and tools in place to reward team performance? Sometimes it could be as simple as just printing up certificates to get it to your local office supply store.

Maybe it’s a trophy that you occasionally hand out once a month to the team that did the best job that month. And then you can nickname the trophies or give them funny names.

And the more you can make employee recognition programs enjoyable, fun, where you can laugh a little bit at yourself; the more you can tie it back to your culture, the values you’re trying to exhibit, play on the words of your business and what your business mission is, it all ties back together.

Those are some of the key components of employee recognition programs that we want to think about.

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