Build a Records and Information Management Team

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Include HR, IT and others in records and information management

Realize that as far as high-level again, that records and information management is an essential participant in the process. And, when we talk about records and information management, we’re not just talking about the folks that are designated records managers. We’re talking about the team of people that should be a part of this process.

You’re talking about putting together a team that would include somebody from legal, somebody from maybe HR, somebody from IT for sure and obviously, somebody from the records management department or somebody that has a semblance. Also, somebody from compliance or risk management might also be another candidate to have participate in this records and information management team.

The duty of preservation has not changed because of the Federal Rules. It just simply means that, now, when you get hit with discovery or when you get hit with a pending or potential case, you still need to preserve the information. You don’t want to get into issue of spoliation, which basically means that you destroyed records that you know are the subject of pending or potential litigation.

Because how is it that you make the determination of what’s considered a potential litigation, so that you begin putting a hold on the information that relates to that case. It’s a whole Pandora’s Box. And, then of course, the next high-level practical effect is to retain the assistance of an IT specialist. Definitely, have IT participate in the process.

Edited Remarks from “How to Bulletproof Your Data Storage Strategy: New Legal Rules for Electronic Discovery” by John Isaza, Esq.

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