Basic motivations behind employee recognition programs

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Employee recognition programs have an all around benefit

There are some really pretty staggering statistics out there. Results from a the New York conference board study showed the 2/3 of employees do not feel motivated to help their employer reach the company’s business goals.

In addition, a Harvard Business Review study last year estimated that employees showing up and not being engaged cost American businesses $150 billion annually. So the big question for business is how do we make sure that your company is not a statistic? How do we get your employees motivated and motivated in the right direction, if you will, sort of moving towards achieving your company’s goals?

Employee recognition programs done right are a strong motivator for employees.
Studies show that 89% of today’s workers want employee recognition even if it’s a mere thank you. And if they get acknowledgement from their immediate manager, it motivates the employees to do better work.

So to that end of motivating employees, why do we roll out formal employee recognition programs? Because, if you only have an informal employee recognition system, you basically do not have a program. Plain and simple folks, informal recognition equates to not having a program.

Why do you need an employee recognition program?
To boost productivity and improve morale in order to reach your company’s operational goals, which I’m guessing probably includes increasing sales, decreasing costs due to employee turnover and improving quality just to name a few.

So what is that link between boosting productivity, improving morale and decreasing cost while increasing sales?

That link is increasing employee motivation by using effective high impact employee recognition programs.

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