A Good Performance Evaluation System is Valuable to Employees and Managers

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A Coaching-based Performance Evaluation System helps good employees

The greatest value of a performance evaluation system centered on coaching is not just in working your performance problem cases. 90% of the value of this performance evaluation system is going to be in helping your good people. A good employee comes to work in the morning. They find themselves behind. They work all day long to do two things — number one, catch up; number two, watch your back. Okay, at the end of the day, you know, they find themselves further behind when they started but they have to go home. And they come back to work the next morning behind. They work all day long to catch up and watch your back. At the end of the day, they’re further behind than when they started. If you ask that really good employee what they’re doing in the way of career development, they will say, “I figure, if I work real hard and I take care of you, you’ll take care of me.” Now, that’s their plan. That’s not a good plan. That’s just all they got going for them.

And catalytic coaching would encourage an employee to take five hours out of his or her busy year to focus on his or her own career. Likewise the manager will take five hours out his busy year to focus on that employee.

A quick, painless performance evaluation system
The whole process of catalytic coaching will take about three hours face-to-face time. It will take five hours total time, meaning the manager will prepare approximately two hours. The employee will prepare approximately two hours for the various meetings that we have.

That’s not to say some people can’t do the same amount of work in four and somebody else couldn’t do it in under six but that’s pretty much par for this process. Large companies with lots of employees will take the number of employees times five and you go, “Oh, my God. That’s a lot of money.” But there’s even more money being wasted by not doing anything. And for some of you, the performance evaluation system you’re using right now are way, way, way more burdensome. A lot of companies are spending a lot more than five hours of bureaucracy per person with the big, complicated performance evaluation system they have in place right now.

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