4 ways to help your team meet their employee evaluation goals

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High stakes goals with employee evaluation and PIPs

When you put an employee on a performance improvement plan (PIP) as part of their employee evaluation, the stakes are high. Often the person’s job is at stake. So you, the manager, want the person to succeed. How can you make sure that happens?


According to employee evaluations consultant and author Donald Kirkpatrick, managers should focus on four actions to help people meet their employee evaluation goals:

  1. Remind the employee of his individual performance plan commitments before the due date of each. Some managers believe that once an employee has a deadline, he should be adult enough to meet it by himself. But a reminder will help prevent failures due to forgetting or procrastination.
  2. Remain flexible about possible changes in the employee evaluation goals.
    Remember, goals are not engraved in stone. Ideally, you and the employee drew it up together, considering the circumstances at the time. If circumstances change, maybe the PIP should, too.
  3. Clear away obstacles to the successful completion of the PIP.
    Example: An employee’s computer isn’t working properly, slowing her down in an area of performance that you’ve agreed must improve. If you ask whether she needs help, you may elicit information about the problem that will allow you to work with IT and prioritize a fix.
  4. Correct the employee at each stage if he fails to implement parts of the plan. You may be able to get him back on schedule. If you wait until the end of the plan to intervene, it’ll likely be too late for him to succeed.

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