Don’t let new hires bring along baggage from previous employers

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When you hire somebody away from a competitor, any ill will that crops up between your new guy/gal and their old employer isn’t just their business.

It’s yours, too, especially if your new hire had some kind of non-compete or non-solicitation agreement at their old place.

What’s at stake ranges from a damaged reputation to expensive and distracting litigation.

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  • 3 keys
    According to employment attorney Paul Greco, there are three instructions you can give new hires to make sure they don’t bring problems with them:

    • They must return everything that belongs to the previous employer – such as laptops, cellphones and documents, even if the latter were kept at home.
    • They should remain loyal to the previous employer until the day they leave. This means using their best efforts for the benefit of that employer and avoiding activities that would divert resources or opportunities from that employer.
    • They should not disparage the previous employer to colleagues or clients. They also should be truthful if asked about the new position that they are taking.

    It’s a good idea, too, once your new hires are on board, to have them confirm in writing that they’ve followed these directions, especially #1.

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    1. Bonnie
      July 27, 2012 - 8:43 pm

      Great tips, and a nice professional approach.  I will use this as we consider future new hires.

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