Intermittent FMLA leave: Techniques to manage and control it

by on August 31, 2011 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: HR Cafe

Intermittent FMLA leave is subject to abuse by those few who want to game the system. And that can be seriously disruptive.

But what about the majority of employees who take intermittent FMLA leave and really need it, because of a health condition that flares up without warning, or to get important treatment? That can also be disruptive. Consider the poor manager who receives a 7:45 a.m. phone call informing him that Jane won’t be coming in for at least the next two days because her migraines have struck again.

The good thing is that you and your line managers can keep such disruption to a minimum – if you know and apply three key techniques for dealing with intermittent leave.

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