Help employees avoid burnout by working smart, not just hard

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Lots of organizations operate with lean staffs these days and expect everyone to get more done. How can supervisors help employees limit stress and still maintain productivity in these conditions?

It has to do with focusing on what’s important and being realistic about what you and your employees can accomplish.

Useful tactics
Here are some tactics you might employ:

  • Enlist the rank-and-file in developing ways to work more effectively and efficiently. Remember that those performing the jobs know most about how to get things done and probably have ideas for improving the process.
  • Create a culture of “deadline realism” to avoid needless last-minute stress and “hurry up and wait” situations. Reward those who successfully manage and meet their deadlines.
  • Designate certain times when people aren’t allowed to interrupt each other and meetings aren’t scheduled, to help everyone get their work done.
  • If your business necessitates employees being “on call” during non-work days or hours, set fair and reasonable guidelines for the way these times are managed and rotated.


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    Can IFS Applications reduce employee burnout?

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