Facebook – beyond the 20-somethings

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Using Facebook as part of an organization’s recruiting efforts is not a new idea. Lots of people are doing it.

But others have been put off by Facebook’s demographic profile.

HR people looking for experienced recruits felt they wouldn’t find them on Facebook, whose early users were from the Millennial generation, many of them now in their 20s.

A maturing demographic

But that picture is changing, and it might change views of Facebook as a recruiting tool.

What’s happened? In a word, the older folks have discovered Facebook.

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Growth in the 35-54 bracket

According to Valerie Grubb, an emerging guru about millennials and social networking tools, Facebook is experiencing its fastest growth in the 35-54 age bracket. Facebook use by that age category has almost quadrupled just this year. (Maybe the recession had something to do with it.)

So if you need, say, a marketing manager with 20 years experience, you might well find her on Facebook.

Your experience

Have you had success using Facebook in your recruiting efforts? Have you been able to contact and/or hire people of varied demographic backgrounds?

Let us know about your experience with a comment on this blog.

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