The Best Interview Questions To Smoke Out Impostors

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  • The preparation oversight that gives Impostors an opening
  • The right and wrong ways to review job requirements
  • Two proven questioning techniques that will expose Impostors every time.
The Best Interview Questions To Smoke Out Impostors

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The hiring mistakes successful managers avoid

Great managers hire the right people. That sounds simple in theory but is difficult in practice. Why? Three reasons:

  1. Because many job candidates are remarkably good at persuading hiring managers that they can do things they can’t.
  2. Hiring managers often don’t realize how their emotions and personal biases can affect their choices.
  3. And, finally, it’s hard WORK to hire the right people, and hiring managers sometimes take shortcuts that lead to mistakes.

The cost of bad hires is staggering. Most obvious are the hard losses – the ads, the interviews, the training, the lost productivity, the opportunity cost, etc. Not so obvious is the damage you do to your credibility as a manager when you repeatedly make hiring mistakes. Your bosses and employees pay closer attention to your success rate than you might think.

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Who are the Impostors that make hiring and interviewing so hard?

Impostors are almost never bad people. Most are good citizens with 2.2 adorable children and a cute, cuddly dog. They believe most everything they say to you. What they tell you is wrong – dead wrong – but they’re not liars. They simply lack self-knowledge. And that’s a huge problem – for you!

And that’s what can trip you up when you’re hiring. You’re so eager to fill the position that you believe what impostors tell you. Your greatest danger is that your impatience and frustration could rush you into a bad decision. A heightened sense of urgency can make you feel you must find a candidate – ANY candidate! – to fill the job right now.

That’s the most dangerous attitude you could bring to your interview. On paper, the job candidate seems perfect, and a part of you wants to keep it that way. You don’t want to ask tough questions and trip him up. Because if you do, you’ll have to start all over again with another candidate.

Making smart hiring decisions requires careful preparation

The most common preparation oversight that allows Impostors to slip through your net is failing to identify the OUTCOMES you want from the job. Think about it. When seemingly excellent candidates are Impostors, they’re delighted when you frame the job in terms of inputs like education and years of experience. They likely have their bases covered there.

But Impostors are perplexed when you carefully prepare a description of the job in terms of outcomes. When candidates are for real, they’re eager to tell you all about the specific results they produced, the challenges they faced and exactly how they overcame them.

The Best Interview Questions To Smoke Out Impostors gives you two powerful techniques to unearth the truth about when candidates can and can’t do. You’ll learn about the “Accountability Drill Down Technique” and the “Knowledge Drill Down Technique.”

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Conducting job interviews that focus on results

Using the “Accountability” and “Knowledge Drill Down” techniques help you determine the truth behind candidate claims of strong leadership and ability to get the job done. Remember, Impostors can fake it if your questions are too general. But they can’t fake it if you come prepared with questions that drill for specifics. Be relentless in your pursuit of convincing details and clarifications that describe the process details the candidate went through to accomplish tasks or goals.


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