The Manager’s Guide to Retaining Your Best Employees

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This video gives you a six-step plan to help you improve employee retention rates. You will learn:

  • The C.A.R.E.E.R. Model for retaining people
  • The key things all managers MUST know about their direct reports
  • Why managers are the “custodians” of their employees’ careers
  • The one thing that all great managers remind themselves of every single day.

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Who’s to blame for poor employee retention

Every experienced manager knows the feeling. A valued employee walks into your office and says, “I found a new job. I’m leaving.” You’re shocked. You feel betrayed. And you’re asking yourself, “What did I do wrong and how will I handle this person’s workload?”

Let’s face it, when a valued employee leaves, you take it very personally.”

And you know what? That’s exactly the way it should be.

Why? Because talent flight is THE surest indicator that a manager is losing his or her way. Nobody knows this better than your own boss, who is not happy when you walk into her office and say, “My top performer just quit.” If it happens too often, YOUR competence comes into question.

Access The Manager’s Guide to Retaining Your Best Employees and find out how to earn the respect and loyalty of your best employees.

Two common excuses for low retention rates

Let’s quickly review the BIG TWO excuses that your boss does not want to hear:

1. “Mary quit because we couldn’t pay her enough.” As long as you’re paying people a fair market salary, money is rarely the reason they leave. It’s always something else. And it’s almost always something that a skillful manager can control. And if you’re NOT paying fair market value, it’s your job to prove that to top management and let them know you’re at risk of losing even more key players on your team.

2. “Mary quit because we piled too much on her plate.” How will your boss likely respond to that excuse? In one of two ways, both bad. They either hear you saying, “I failed to effectively distribute the workload” or, “I didn’t come forward soon enough to request additional resources — and my team thinks I’m not looking out for them.”

The bottom line: Using “lack of money” or “too much work” as excuses for losing people is usually a copout. Managers who maintain high employee retention rates know that THEY are the key factor that determines whether direct reports stay or leave.

The C.A.R.E.E.R. Model

Your video will give you the details on how to put the C.A.R.E.E.R. model to work, but here’s an overview of what it means:

Care about your employees as people. A key insight in this report is that for your good people, coming to work each day isn’t a job. It’s a CAREER … and you’re the “custodian” of that career.

Advocate for your people. For your direct reports you ARE the company. If they believe that you are their #1 fan, and that you’re advocating for them with top management, they’ll stay with you.

Recognize their contribution — and this doesn’t just mean money. They’ll only stay with you if they feel that you “get” what they bring to the company. People stick around because they feel they’re making a difference.

Educate them – that is, provide them training and professional development. Great managers come to work every day thinking, “If I’m not going to fire any of my people today, there’s really only one other option that makes sense … Develop them!”

Engage your people. Find ways to bond them to you and the company. Good people want more responsibility and they want opportunities to make a meaningful contribution. Gain their loyalty by giving it to them.

Remind yourself every day that, “It’s their career, not just their job.” That’s the most powerful take-home message you’ll find in this report. If you do that, your people will be fiercely loyal both to you and your organization.

The C.A.R.E.E.R. model gives you a framework for keeping workers productive and cementing their loyalty. Access The Manager’s Guide to Retaining Your Best Employees as part of a free trial to the Leadership & Management Rapid Learning Center.


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Stephen Meyer
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