The Manager’s Guide to Unlocking the Power of Non-Monetary Rewards

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  • Why the right non-monetary reward has such a huge impact
  • The most difficult thing about giving non-monetary rewards – it’s not what you’d expect.

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Non-Monetary rewards gone wrong

A department head wanted to reward her employees, so she gave them all a beautiful compass. Her intent was to emphasize that the company was taking a new strategic direction. But she didn’t properly communicate that, so people’s reactions were highly personal. Some wondered, “Do they think I’m lost?” Others just said, “I don’t sail, I don’t hike… what’s this got to do with me?” The gesture completely backfired, making the boss seem out of touch with her people.

Another supervisor sent cans of popcorn to his team to celebrate the end of a big project. But for employees who were dieting, were allergic to popcorn, or just didn’t like it, the gift bombed. Again, this supervisor achieved just the opposite of what he she’d hoped for.

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The secret to effective non-monetary rewards

You’ve probably guessed the big “secret” to effective rewards:

To get the positive impact you want from a non-monetary reward, you need to touch the employee personally.”

One size does NOT fit all. The bottom line: A personalized gift says, “The person who matters most to me at this company, my boss, gets me and cares. I truly belong here.” Makes sense, right? The question is, “How do I do it? What’s the secret to finding a ‘personal’ gift for people I don’t know personally?”

Managers who really know their people – who take them out to lunch, who listen carefully to idle chit chat in meetings, who make conversation at the water cooler – learn what activities and hobbies they engage in. By listening carefully, they gather the information they need to tailor meaningful non-monetary rewards. And their antennae are always up so they can detect opportunities to provide rewards when the impact will be greatest.

So what’s the hard part?

Using non-monetary rewards effectively is difficult, but not for the reason you might think.
If you see the value of non-monetary rewards, if you listen carefully to your people, and if you have the presence of mind to spot opportunities, making employees feel valued with non-monetary rewards is simple. The hard part is maintaining your commitment to giving non-monetary rewards, and not allowing them to fall to the bottom of your priority list.

Here’s an important insight: From the employee’s perspective, the impact of a great non-monetary reward IS the personalization. Maybe 20% of the impact comes from the gift itself. The real impact comes from the fact that you took the time, and that you cared enough, to find a reward uniquely suited to the employee. When you began reading this white paper, where did giving high-impact non-monetary rewards fall on your priority list? Probably pretty low. If we’ve raised it on your list, and if today, tomorrow and the next day you’ll be looking for low-cost ways to score points with the people who matter most to you, we’ve accomplished our goal.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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