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  • Why relying on one leadership style limits a manager’s career
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Not all managers are born leaders

Some people are born with a gift. They have the natural ability to lead people. They have gravitas, they know how to set clear goals and communicate them to others. They know how to motivate and inspire people around them to give 110% and push hard accomplish shared objectives.

Unfortunately, very few are born with this innate ability. Most of us have to learn the skills required to lead successfully. We have to learn by watching others and through trial and error what gets results and what doesn’t. That’s not necessarily bad, it’s just a fact of business.

Get your free leadership training kit as part of a FREE trial to the Leadership & Management Rapid Learning Center.

That’s why we produced this leadership training kit. It provides fundamental lessons that all managers and supervisors should learn on their path to becoming effective leaders. This series includes three concise learning modules – each around 10 minutes long – that cover a critical aspect of leading people.

Leadership Credibility Part I: The Confidence Base

What does it take to be a credible leader? Is it charisma? Raw intelligence? An intangible trait that some people are born with and others are not? The fact is, credibility often boils down to self-knowledge – specifically, knowing your Confidence Base, that one thing that you do really well and that got you recognized by higher-ups in your company.

Successful leaders figure out how to build on their Confidence Base, earn credibility, and gain … followers.

This program will help you identify your Confidence Base and use it to develop yourself into a successful leader. It will also reveal why some leaders lose focus and abandon their Confidence Base – and how this can lead to disaster. (Length 9:56)

A 4-Point Model For Leading High-Performance Teams

There is one thing all successful leaders “get” that failed leaders don’t. They know they can’t achieve breakthrough organizational results by themselves. That wisdom is often hard-earned because most leaders started their careers as individual high performers who moved mountains all alone. But they figured out at some point that the key to their success as a leader was their team. But not just any team. They needed an A-Team. This program will give you a proven 4-point model for building and maintaining a high-performance team that consistently delivers extraordinary results. (Length 8:57)

Six Managerial Styles You Need to Lead Effectively

Some managers limit themselves to a single management style because they’re comfortable with it and because it worked in the past. But relying on just one style can limit you. In this Quick Take you’ll learn that great managers master a repertoire of six managerial styles, and know how to deploy the RIGHT style depending on the situation. You’ll also find out why mastering these styles is the key to earning top management respect, achieving results, and – no small thing – getting the promotions that one-trick ponies only dream about. (Length 9:52)

Get your free leadership training kit as part of a FREE trial to the Leadership & Management Rapid Learning Center.


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