Leadership Credibility: The Confidence Base

Access this 10-minute video now and discover a tool you can use to show every manager in your organization how to become a more credible and effective leader who knows how to get results through people. You’ll learn:

  • A simple definition of leadership — and how it ties into credibility
  • Why “leadership skill” is NOT what gets people promoted into management
  • The number one source of credibility for leaders
  • The key to increasing, and sustaining, your credibility as a leader
  • Just how fragile credibility can be.

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What makes a great leader?

I think we’d all agree that Bill Gates has high credibility as a leader. He founded and led for three decades one of the most successful companies in history. He conceived a winning strategy — he saw before anybody else that creating operating systems and other software for personal computers was the road to riches. And from the start he hired and motivated a team of exceptionally talented people to execute that strategy and create great software programs. That’s textbook leadership brilliance.

But years later when people asked Bill Gates, “What do you do?” he’d always say, “I’m a programmer.”

Why did define himself in such simple terms when he was in fact a transcendent leader whose followers literally “changed the world”? Because he understood something that every successful shop floor supervisor, department manager, division head and CEO knows — that building credibility as a leader starts with what we call a “Confidence Base.”

Understanding your Confidence Base is THE most important ingredient in becoming a successful leader.

Access this video now and find out how credibility translates into great leadership, and the steps you can take to earn the respect of your people.

Where does leadership credibility come from?

Think back to when you first took on a leadership role. Suddenly, you had followers. And you had a certain degree of credibility with them. But where did that credibility come from? Let’s start by saying where it almost certainly did NOT come from — innate leadership ability. Only a very small percentage of successful leaders come out of the womb with just the right cocktail of brainpower, emotional intelligence, people skills, technical brilliance and charisma. Most managers earn their leadership role for another reason … and you’ll learn what it is when you watch Leadership Credibility: The Confidence Base.

So what is the Confidence Base?

It’s the thing you do best. It’s the competency you worked hard to develop and that singled you out. For Bill Gates it was programming. At age 13 he developed an obsession for computers. By the time he started Microsoft seven years later, he’d logged thousands of hours of computer time and written the first-ever program for a microcomputer. In 1981, because of his perceived excellence as a programmer, he won a contract to provide the operating system for the new IBM personal computer. That deal quickly made him one of the wealthiest people on Earth. But in his own head he was still “a programmer.”

But technical competence alone won’t make you a successful leader, will it? Of course not. Your Confidence Base is the source of your credibility and the foundation of any career in leadership. But you need something more.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO, Rapid Learning Institute


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