High-Impact HR Communication: How to Speak the Language of CEOs

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The #1 workplace communication mistake HR practitioners make

You know how much HR contributes to the success of your organization. But many HR professionals have trouble getting this message through to their CEOs.

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where you felt devalued by a CEO who didn’t take your ideas seriously and perceived you as a necessary “support function” in your organization. It happens all the time and there’s a very good reason for it – too many HR executives simply lack the leadership communication skills needed to get results. They don’t speak the language of CEOs.

That’s the number one mistake HR executives make. And one that often keeps you from getting a seat at the table when important strategic decisions are being made about your organization.

Three reasons CEOs are “different”

Nearly all CEOs suffer from a form of “executive Attention Deficit Disorder.” Not literally, of course. But they’re constantly juggling priorities – so it’s hard to get and keep their attention. If they don’t see value quickly, they’ll become impatient and move on. There are three reasons for this:

  1. CEOs know their companies count on them to allocate cash, people and physical assets in a way that maximizes return on investment, or ROI. Bad decisions can be catastrophic.
  2. They spend a lot of their time managing risk and uncertainty. They’re vitally interested in anyone who can help them identify – and avoid – the land mines that nobody else has considered.
  3. They live in the future. The CEO’s #1 job is to figure out where the organization should be in six months, 12 months and five years. Of course what’s happening today matters a lot. But they count on their managers to handle the details.

Access your free copy of High-Impact HR Communication: How to Speak the Language of CEOs and get the details on each of these critical facts about top executives.

A more powerful approach to sharpen workplace communication skills

When you approach a CEO with these three guidelines in mind, it changes everything. You now come into executive meetings understanding that the content of the message matters, but the context is just as important. Whether you need a decision about hiring, benefits, compensation, training and development, you’re more likely to get a positive result when you frame the discussion in terms of:

  • Achieving long-term results
  • Reducing the risks and uncertainties, and
  • Increasing bottom-line ROI

Learn to speak the language of CEOs and you’ll be thought of as a strategic player who can make a much broader contribution to the company’s future.

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