How to Terminate an Insubordinate Employee – Without Provoking a Lawsuit

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When emotions drive employee termination decisions

Imagine you’re running a meeting and one of your employees aggressively questions your judgment and directly challenges your authority in front of the entire team. To make matters worse, let’s assume this type of disrespectful, insubordinate behavior has happened in the past.

Every fiber of your being wants to fire him on the spot. It would feel great, you’d immediately save face with your team and you’d never again have to deal with this “bad apple.”

But as you might have guessed, on-the-spot terminations are risky business. Letting emotions take control of the situation can lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit that could cost your organization huge amounts of time and money.

Get free access to this training video now and find out how to safely terminate an insubordinate employee.

So what’s the right way to fire a worker who’s asking for it?

It’s easier said than done, but the first step is to just walk away, calm yourself down, and deal with the termination or other discipline later. If you act in anger, you’re taking a huge risk.

Remember, this isn’t a personal battle between you and the employee – it’s a personnel decision that you’re making on behalf of your employer, and you need to make it with a perfectly clear head.

To handle the termination correctly, you must follow three critical guidelines that lower your risk of provoking a lawsuit. When you’re faced with insubordination, you’re usually looking at the culmination of a behavior pattern that’s been going on for weeks or months – maybe even years.

This means you have a chance to PREPARE to terminate the insubordinate employee. And if you’re prepared, you’re less likely to get flustered when insubordination occurs.

Can you ever fire an employee on the spot?

You’re always better off following this advice: Never fire an employee when you’re angry. Your temper may lead you to saying things or taking actions that can put you at risk.

However, there are times when you’re perfectly justified, and on safe legal ground, to terminate an insubordinate employee immediately. In fact, you’d be negligent to NOT take immediate action.

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