Avoiding Social Media Slip-ups

Access this 8-minute video now and learn how ill-advised social media behavior can lead to trouble for both employees and managers. You’ll learn:

  • The three most common social media slip-ups that get employees in hot water
  • What managers can do to help employees avoid social media trouble spots, and
  • A way of thinking about social media that balances the needs of management with the rights of employees

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More information for those who love the details…

Where should you draw the line when it comes to use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on the job?

Some managers argue that the best response is zero tolerance, cracking down on anything that might be considered social media use. But legally that’s a risky way to go. Such restrictions could violate employees’ rights under the First Amendment or the National Labor Relations Act.

So what can you do?

You can educate employees about the most common blunders that might lead to problems.

Access this video now and learn what you can do to balance employees’ rights and your company’s online reputation.

In general, social media slip-ups fall into one of three categories:

Social Media Slip-Up #1: Emotional rants

This happens when an angry or disgruntled employee takes to social media to vent about work-related events. It’s an easy slip to make. Rants are a fixture of social media. Venting about everyday frustrations is accepted behavior.

But comments about employers and co-workers can have consequences. They can affect an entire organization, not just the person who posts them. They’re visible to lots of people – people who may pass them along to others. And they’re in a form that NEVER GOES AWAY.

Social Media Slip-Up #2: Inadvertent leaks

Imagine a company comes up with a new product or has some news that could impact its competitive position, customer relations or stock value.

Now imagine an employee for that company carelessly shares this “secret” on social media before the news was supposed to go public.

This simple slip-up might have a profound impact on the company’s financial future. Employees need to know how to watch for this potentially damaging trouble spot.

Social Media Slip-Up #3: Appearing to speak for the organization

Of course employees have the right to air controversial opinions via social media. But when employees blur the lines between personal opinions and those of their employer, it can land both in hot water.

Social media is a reality of today’s workplace and managers have a responsibility to educate workers on proper behavior, for your sake and theirs. Check out this video to get your entire team up to speed on the most critical issues.

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