The Problem We Solve: Effective Workplace Training

In most companies, accountability for talent development lies with managers. The problem is, most managers lack the skill, the resources or the time to perform that task effectively. The RLI gives managers the tools they need to turn talent development into a manageable task. The video shows you how.

Video Transcription

Thanks for watching this presentation from the Rapid learning Institute. I’d like to talk to you about how we solve one of the toughest problems organizations face: Getting managers to train and develop their people effectively.

When talent development happens, you have high organizational IQ. You have operational efficiency, high retention, great sales results and healthy profits.

In most companies, accountability for talent development lies with managers. Let me describe the scenario that generally plays out. High-performing employee Jane gets promoted into a leadership role. She has no talent development experience at all, but we say, “Okay, Jane is an exceptional salesperson, accountant or engineer, so we’re going to place a bet – a bet that she’ll be able to transfer her knowledge and skills to others.”

That’s basically what talent development is, and when it works, something magical happens. Here’s what it looks like. Managers with a core competency achieve a “Multiplier Effect.” That is, they replicate their own core competency, creating an ENTIRE team of individuals who perform at high levels.

Now imagine how powerful it is when a company wins a lot of these bets. On the bell curve these companies are the gazelles of the business world because every department– sales, finance, operations, marketing – is run by a high-performing individual who knows how to get results through other people.

But most companies are in the middle, aren’t they? They’ve got earnest, hard-working managers who know that talent development is mission critical. But it’s not getting done at gazelle levels. At most companies there’s a huge opportunity to raise organizational IQ, and to start getting exceptional results.

Problem is, most managers struggle with talent development. For some, it’s because they lack experience at building training curricula, or at creating and delivering training content. And all managers, even those with training expertise, are extremely busy. Their day-to-day activities focus on getting results, achieving outputs. Training is an input. It’s about process.

Bottom line: Most managers do what people generally do when they’re assigned a task but lack the skill, the resources or the time to perform that task effectively. They perceive it as overwhelming. They push it down on their priority list. And it doesn’t get done.

The solution to this problem lies in recent research on adult learning. Cognitive psychologists have proven definitively that adults learn far better when training is delivered in small “chunks.” When you send a manager to a day-long leadership seminar, or bring in a high-powered sales trainer to teach your reps consultative selling, what you end up with is what researchers call “cognitive overload.” Adults have trouble processing large amounts of new learning and within days or weeks they forget it. But adults CAN absorb and retain narrowly defined learning concepts.

No question that “chunking” helps LEARNERS. But it’s also a game changer for TRAINERS – that is, our time-pressed managers. If I’m a manager, the “chunking” concept allows me to completely reframe my talent development role. I can say, “It’s not about coming up with comprehensive learning solutions, which I lack the time and expertise to deliver. Instead, it’s about finding tools that help me very efficiently teach one narrow learning concept at a time. It’s about achieving …

…small victories. When I accumulate multiple small victories, I start feeling like a real success in my talent development role.”

The RLI is all about providing tools that allow managers to achieve these “small victories.” Our training approach is built around six- to 10-minute programs that are laser focused on a single, learning concept. An eight-minute sales module explains how to approach the first 20 seconds of a cold call. A 10-minute management module offers a technique for handling an employee with a bad attitude. A nine-minute compliance module zeroes in on the unique challenge of terminating insubordinate employees.

Armed with these kinds of tools, managers see talent development as a manageable task that they have both the time and skill to accomplish, so training rises on their priority list. They start teaching people discrete concepts, one at a time. They see knowledge transfer happening. They see behavior changes. They see evidence of measurable results.

As managers accumulate more and more of these small victories, they build a core competency as talent developers. They achieve the Multiplier Effect with their team, which reaches performance levels it only dreamed about before.

Chunked learning. Small victories. Two powerful concepts with the potential to transform your organization. The Rapid Learning Institute can help you make it happen.

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