Education Leadership & Administration Rapid Learning Center (for Educational Institutions)

Get free trial access to the Education Leadership & Administration Rapid Learning Center and give key administrators, faculty and staff the training they need to become more effective leaders. This powerful online training and talent development system will help you:

  • Build a stronger leadership team – Give faculty and staff the formal management and leadership training they’ve likely never received
  • Avoid employment law compliance problems – Educate your team about the fundamentals of employment law
  • Respect everyone’s time – Our “Quick Take” learning modules are just 6 to 10 minutes long
  • Deploy training in just minutes – Click a link and instantly send training programs directly to your entire team or individuals who could use some help with a specific leadership challenge
  • Track usage – Creating accountability and documenting training is easy – automated tracking shows you who’s engaging in training and who isn’t
Education Leadership & Administration Rapid Learning Center

Why are we giving you access to this for free? Because it’s the best way we know to introduce you to the Education Leadership & Administration Rapid Learning Center – a new approach to helping administrators, faculty and key staff members sharpen essential leadership skills.

More information for those who love the details …

The painful truth about leadership in educational institutions

Management and leadership in many educational institutions simply isn’t what it needs to be. But it’s not really anyone’s fault. Two realities contribute to the problem:

1) In most educational institutions, those in leadership positions got there because they demonstrated excellence in a particular job. They were great educators, strong administrators or results oriented staff members. So they moved up the ranks and soon found themselves in a position where they’re expected to get results through other people. Problem is, they were never really taught how to do it.

Anyone who assumes a leadership position, whether it’s administration, faculty department head or staff supervisor, quickly discovers that managing people requires a unique skill set. You need to know how to deal with diverse personalities, motivate, discipline, keep people focused … and do it all in a way that complies with a complex set of employment laws.

2) The second problem is that those responsible for building and developing the leadership team often struggle with talent development. Some lack experience at building training programs and delivering training presentations. But most often, they simply don’t have the time to build and oversee a comprehensive, ongoing management and leadership training program. As a result, talent development gets pushed down on the priority list and it doesn’t get done – or it gets done in a half-baked way.

A proven way to make sure training happens

To help you overcome this challenge we invite you to check out the Education Leadership & Administration Rapid Learning Center. It’s a convenient, easy-to-deploy online training program specifically designed to help develop the leadership skills and employment law compliance knowledge of administrators, faculty and key staff in your educational institution.

The heart of the Rapid Learning Center is a collection of 6- to 10-minute training programs called Quick Takes. These highly-focused modules work for two reasons:

1. Users love them because they don’t take much time to watch — and because adults learn best when information is delivered in small, easy-to-digest chunks, and

2. Those responsible for training love them because they’re convenient, easy-to-deploy and perfect for kicking off meetings and training sessions.

Start your free trial now and get access to dozens of programs, including:

  • The ABC Method: Handling a Bad Attitude
  • Performance Feedback: Seek First to Understand
  • Six Managerial Styles Administrators Need to Lead Effectively
  • New Administrator Pitfalls: How to Avoid Them and Succeed in a Leadership Role
  • Age Discrimination: What Every School Administrator Needs to Know
  • Progressive Discipline: The ‘Career Advocate’ Method
  • Handling Faculty or Staff Member Complaints
  • Retaliation Claims: Four Key Mistakes That Administrators Must Avoid
  • And many more

Plus … you’ll be able to immediately deploy compliance training modules covering:

  • Progressive Discipline
  • FMLA
  • Retaliation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Terminations
  • Complaint Investigations
  • And more

You be the judge. Sign up now for FREE instant access. There’s no risk. If after 30 days you’re not completely convinced the Rapid Learning Center is worth the price your trial will expire automatically and there’s no further obligation.


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