Senior Editor

Dave Clemens has worked for newspapers, news services, magazines and specialized business publications — in print and on-line — on four continents during his 40 years as a reporter and editor.

He has served as deputy financial editor of the International Herald Tribune, based in Paris; editor and bureau chief for Bloomberg News, based in Tokyo and Singapore; and deputy bureau chief for the French news agency, Agence France-Presse, based in Harare, Zimbabwe. His work has also appeared in the magazine World Press Review, over the news and broadcast services of The Associated Press, and in several nationally recognized human resources, employment law and business newsletters.

Recent Blog Posts

Want to lose sales? Try the end-of-period, desperation close

Dave Clemens

Let’s face it: Sales is a numbers-driven occupation. The sales rep — or sales manager — who can afford to ignore quotas, targets and goals is a rare bird indeed. But as you might suspect, when you allow yourself to become entirely numbers-driven, you’re setting yourself up for some big mistakes. Proof of that point,…

Training your reps, sure – but what about you?

Dave Clemens

If you’re a wise and conscientious sales manager, you probably make sure your reps get regular, focused training in the skills they need. But how about yourself? Data compiled by the sales consultancy Miller Heiman tells a surprising story. It suggests that sales managers may not in fact be getting the learning opportunities they need…

Your prospect’s in a bad mood — what now?

Dave Clemens

We’ve all had the experience: We’re prospecting, and when the guy we’re looking for answers, he’s obviously not thrilled to hear from us. He audibly sighs when we say who we are. Or he raps out stiffly, “How can I help you?” Or hisses, “Yessss” in a tone that suggests you’d be more welcome if…


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