5 Skills Aspiring Sales Professionals Must Master

National Collegiate Sales Competition

RLI is a strong believer in the National Collegiate Sales Competition’s mission to promote sales as an honorable professional and viable career option for college graduates. We’re proud to provide NCSC participating colleges and universities free access to this collection of sales training programs. Use them as part of your curriculum or individual sales skills development plan.

Cold Calling: Nail the First 20 Seconds

Cold-call reluctance plagues many salespeople. That’s no surprise, because when you do cold-calling the wrong way you get repeatedly rejected, which takes a huge toll on morale. The good news is that there’s a right way to cold call that dramatically reduces the likelihood that you’ll be rejected, which means you’ll make more calls, keep the sales funnel full, and close more deals. The key: It’s all in the way you handle the first 20 seconds of the call. In just nine minutes, this Quick Take will show you a proven technique that’ll turn your attitude about cold-calling on its head.

Referrals: Using Linkedin to Generate High-Quality Sales Leads

LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool. It can help you identify new prospects and get you introduced to them. But with all its power and features, it can seem overwhelming. And it is hard to know where to start. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn a simple referral technique that you can start using today. You don’t have to be a power user, or know all the ins and outs of LinkedIn, and you don’t need a huge network of contacts. The best part, you’ll get high-value referrals without investing a ton of your time.

Discovery: The Five Whys Technique

How can you dig deeper and find out what’s really important to your customer? How can you identify problems that buyers themselves may not even be aware of? How can you find the one critical need that your competitors overlook? In this Quick Take, you’ll learn the Five Whys Technique — a simple yet powerful tool that helps you conduct more effective discovery and find the buyer’s pain.

Price Objections: Four Secrets Prospects Will Never Tell You

Customers are seldom afraid to tell you your price is too high, even when they don’t really mean it. But even experienced salespeople are often reluctant to say, “No, it’s not. My price is fair and here’s why.” This Quick Take will provide valuable insights that will give you the confidence to hold firm on price and win more business. You’ll learn four secrets that buyers will never reveal to you, the ONE factor in any sales negotiation that lowers the importance of price, and the ONE quality that distinguishes good price negotiators from bad ones.

Voice Mail: Crafting a Message that Makes Prospects Want to Talk to You

Did you know that only about one in four business calls result in a live conversation. Nearly all the rest go into voice mail. Given those statistics, it’s pretty clear that every salesperson who prospects by phone needs a strategy for voice mail. In this Quick Take, you will learn what you’re really selling in your voice mail message (it isn’t your product or your service), why the best messages intentionally leave out critical information and three rules that will make your voice mail messages more effective.


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