Steve Von Hoene: Rapid Learning Implementation Expert

Steve Von HoeneThe new rules of talent development
Organizations are finding it harder than ever to develop people. Lean staffs. Lack of time. Tight budgets. There’s no shortage of reasons to explain why mission-critical training and development just doesn’t get done. What organizations need is a new model that makes training and development doable, affordable and effective for today’s workforce. The key is “chunked learning” – that is, breaking training into compelling, bite-size concepts that people can quickly digest and deploy on the job. Steve Von Hoene is an expert at showing managers and learning professionals how to use the chunking model in a “blended learning” solution that combines the best of instructor-led and Web-based training. It’s a game-changer for any organization serious about developing their people.

His approach includes two other key learning concepts that are foundational to Rapid Learning Institute’s approach:
1) Interval Reinforcement – Instructor-led sessions deliver maximum value only when they include multiple touch points of follow-up, and
2) Management Coaching – The real learning happens when managers coach their team members on the material learned during the instructor-led sessions. Von Hoene’s expertise provides both the methodology and the tools to help managers become competent talent developers.

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More about Steve Von Hoene
Steve Von Hoene has over 21 years of sales, management, and training experience with three industry leaders. Formerly the Vice President of National Accounts for Carew International, he enjoyed great success in a wide range of industries, consulting and facilitating sales, leadership, customer service, and financial literacy workshops with Fortune 500 companies in the United States and abroad. Prior to Carew, Steve’s seven years with Cintas Corporation and six years with the Hubert Company gave him solid backgrounds in operational management and marketing. Steve’s ability to blend his real-world experience and in-depth knowledge with Rapid Learning Institute’s content makes him an invaluable resource to our clients. His great sense of humor, high energy, and winning attitude ensure your colleagues will enjoy working with him, and will greatly benefit from his rich experience and knowledge. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, as well as certifications in numerous professional development programs.


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