Gary Markle: Performance Feedback Thought Leader

Gary MarkleA new approach to performance evaluations
Ask managers and human resources professionals about their least favorite part of the job, and many of them will say it’s evaluating employees. The process rarely provides employees with information they can use to advance their careers, and frequently comes off as demeaning and a waste of time for both parties.

While working as an executive and HR professional in several organizations, Gary Markle began to study performance evaluation systems and why they’re so tragically flawed. After decades of work and research he developed a new method for performance feedback and evaluations. Rather than just assigning a grade to employees, Markle’s system allows employees to map out where they want their careers to go, and by working with their manager, get there by making best use of the talent they have. The result: Employees take charge of their own careers, and managers ensure they’re getting the best possible results through their people. Contact Gary Markle.

Check out these videos to learn more about Gary’s key concepts:

More about Gary Markle
Gary Markle is the founder and managing principal of Energage Inc., a consulting firm dedicated to helping business leaders “energize and engage the human spirit at work.” Energage provides coaching, training and consulting services that produce superior business results through people. Gary and his associates have assisted companies throughout the US and Canada in forming and improving their people development systems.

Prior to beginning a consulting and speaking practice, Markle served in senior level HR management and executive positions for four globally prominent companies: Exxon, Shell, Louisiana Land & Exploration and Columbian Chemicals Company. His most recent position was Vice President of Human Resources and member of the senior executive team for an international chemical company.

Gary has a Masters Degree in Organizational Communication from Purdue University, a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin– Milwaukee and Senior Executive Human Resources Certification from the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business.


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