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Don RheemPeople drive the numbers
Every employee comes to the job with discretionary effort that they can only volunteer — no employer can squeeze or force it out of them.  Getting that discretionary effort from them has been shown to deliver double digit increases in productivity and profitability.

Don Rheem explains that the key secret to tapping that discretionary effort is employee engagement. Employees attach themselves to their workplace through their peers, supervisors, leaders and even the mission and vision of their organizations. It is essential for business leaders to understand how to cultivate safe, supportive environments to develop and strengthen these attachments. Only then will employees fully engage and offer their discretionary effort that drives business growth. Contact Don Rheem.

Check out these videos to learn more about Don’s key concepts:

Don Rheem is a principal with Engagient. He is one of North America’s leading communication and engagement experts – advising U.S. Senators, corporate CEOs, even royalty. A former science advisor to the U.S. Congress and to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Rheem counsels on technical issues with the National Institutes of Health, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Securities and Exchange Commission among other government clients. A former White House correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief, Don has also advised thousands of CEO’s and delivers more than 50 workshops every year on the science of employee and customer engagement throughout North America. Rheem works with Brian Daly overseeing Engagient’s U.S. operations.

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