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Brynne Tillman on BDUBoosting the Power of Networking We’re all familiar with Linkedin as a tool to help business professionals connect with each other and for jobseekers to find employment. But most sales professionals aren’t using Linkedin to its full potential. If leveraged correctly, Linkedin can have a profound impact on sales people looking to expand their networks and reach a previously untapped source of sales prospects. The good news: Getting started is easier than most people think. That’s where Brynne Tillman comes in. Through her work with Business Development University, Brynne has made a career of helping professionals grow their businesses through more effective networking and prospecting. She realized the power of Linkedin early in its development and has since become a nationally recognized expert on using this powerful networking tool to help sellers connect not just with existing contacts, but with people connected to those connections. Contact Brynne Tillman. Check out these videos to learn more about Brynne’s key concepts:

More about Brynne tillman With over 20 years in business development, script and process development and sales training, Brynne is the President of Business Development University (BDU) and Founder and President of Contact Point Networking Group and President of the Linked User Group. She has created and taught lead generation and client acquisition programs for many companies, including Dun and Bradstreet, Progress Leasing, Kinko’s and Vantage Point Bank. Brynne is a natural networker whose passion is connecting businesses to help grow local commerce. Her primary focus is coaching sales teams, non-selling professionals who are responsible for client acquisition, and small business owners to develop their sales and networking plan, strategies, implementation and measuring process. Through the BDU Programs, Brynne helps clients reach their short and long term goals. Brynne also teaches prospecting through social networking, business-to-business networking and creation of a warm referral program. She has many committee obligations with local organizations, including business alliances and chambers of commerce. Brynne also promotes small businesses and entrepreneurs by assisting them in marketing opportunities and helping them maximize their personal network. Brynne Tillman, President & COO Business Development University Office: 877.310.1370 x 102 Cell: 215.499.0499


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