Bill Rollings: School Administration Thought Leader

Bill RollingsSchools are businesses
Most schools have a hard time seeing themselves as a business. As a result, they don’t always believe that they have to comply with the same laws and management practices that apply to businesses. But the reality is schools are businesses, and failing to recognize that fact is what lands many schools in legal trouble and prevents them from developing a strong leadership team.

That’s where Bill Rollings saw an opportunity to help educational institutions. He founded School Office Services, an organization dedicated to providing schools with guidance in issues related to leadership, employment law compliance, employee relations and employment related concerns.

Check out these videos to learn more about Bill’s key concepts:

More about Bill Rollings
Bill Rollings was a teacher and administrator in independent schools for 23 years and started two independent schools. Founded in 1999, School Office Services (SOS) provides HR resources and risk management support to business officers of 400 independent schools throughout the country. Our experienced professional staff answers your HR questions and researches topics that are state-specific and unique to the operation of independent schools. Currently SOS works with approximately 150 independent schools in the Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Southwest region along with two school organizations: PAISBOA in Philadelphia and Cal-ISBOA in California.


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