Distinguished Thought Leaders

The Rapid Learning Institute’s Distinguished Thought Leaders are an esteemed panel of practitioners, consultants, speakers and authors who have established themselves as leading authorities in the areas of sales, management, and talent development. These highly respected experts have lent their insights and experience to the RLI in the pursuit of developing new content for sales professionals and HR leaders.

Steve Von Hoene: Rapid Learning Implementation Expert

Steve Von Hoene founded Journey Learning with over 21 years of sales, management, and training experience with three industry leaders. Formerly the Vice President of National Accounts for Carew International, he enjoyed great success in a wide range of industries, consulting and facilitating sales, leadership, customer service, and financial literacy workshops with Fortune 500 companies in the United States and abroad.
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Stephen J. Meyer: Talent Development Thought Leader

Far too many organizations view training as an event, not a process. They send their people to a conference or bring in a consultant for a few days. Employees get fired up and come back to their jobs eager to use what they’ve learned. The problem is, most adults forget what they learned before they can apply it to the job.
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Gary Markle: Performance Feedback Thought Leader

Ask managers and human resources professionals about their least favorite part of the job, and many of them will say it’s evaluating employees. While working as an executive and HR professional, Markle began to study performance evaluation systems and why they’re so flawed. He eventually developed a new method for performance feedback.
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Don Rheem: Employee Engagement Thought Leader

Every employee comes to the job with discretionary effort that they can only volunteer — no employer can squeeze or force it out of them. Getting that discretionary effort from them has been shown to deliver double digit increases in productivity and profitability.
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Ed Wallace: Business Relationships Thought Leader

Most business people instinctively know that relationships are the key to success. However, very few of us actually measure and track the relational aspects of business; we leave it to chance. Little attention is given to intentionally creating “relational capital,” which is the distinctive value created by people in a business relationship.
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Brynne Tillman: Linkedin Thought Leader

With over 20 years in business development, script and process development and sales training, Brynne is the Founder and President of Contact Point Networking Group and President of Linked User Group. She has created and taught lead generation and client acquisition programs for many companies, including Dun and Bradstreet, Progress Leasing, Kinko’s and Vantage Point Bank.
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