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RLI believes workplace training doesn’t have to be boring for employees, a time-burden for managers and a budget concern for organizations.

Employees will tell you that most training is boring and way too long. Managers will say they don’t have the time they need to coach and follow up on training as much as they should. And executives will report that training is expensive and the ROI on the investment hard to prove.

Those insights led to the creation of Rapid Learning Institute.

In 2007, RLI founder Stephen J. Meyer set out to find a way to overcome these tragic flaws of workplace learning. The mission was to develop a training system that:

  • Respects everyone’s time and intelligence
  • Keeps workers engaged in learning
  • Results in long-term positive change
  • Gives managers the tools they need to make training doable
  • Supports Training departments in larger organizations, and
  • Makes financial sense for companies large and small

After years of research and product development, the RLI team built a series of online learning centers that meet these criteria. Today, RLI is a leading provider of microlearning solutions. Our client list includes Fortune 500s, private firms, government offices, healthcare organizations, academic institutions, manufacturing companies and more.

Learn more about the three core concepts that set RLI apart: Rapid Learning, Single-Concept Learning and Research-Based Learning.


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